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Search through the UK shops below for a excellent range of cheap radios. One of the newest forms of radio is DAB. DAB is short for 'Digital Audio Broadcasting' radio, and was developed by the BBC and various major manufacturers. The BBC was also the first broadcaster in the UK to transmit DAB radio in 1995. DAB was developed to take over analogue radios, the main reason being the increase in sound quality. DAB uses both MPEG and COFDM to convert radio which is broadcast as an analogue signal into digital code.

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  1. Comet
    Comet are one of the UK's leading electrical high street shops and supply a great range of home entertainment systems, eg, widescreen televisions, dvd players, dolby surround sound stereos. Comet also supply a wide range of Philips and Sony Portable radios at cheap prices.
  2. BBC - Radio Homepage - Home, TV, Radio, Talk, Where I Live, AZ Index, ... Ronan Keating, Elton John and Lenny Henry on Radio 2 this Boxing Day, Radio 2 on Boxing Day.
  3. Radio Times | 350 channels - Private Passions, 12 noon. BBC Radio 3. ... 2:00pm. BBC Radio 4. Those far-flung Britons who have to cope with extremes of weather contribute.

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Above you will find cComet also offers a range of accessories for your Philips and Sony Portable radios such as great value batteries and earphones. For more electrical shops check out our Electrical Section. Also look for Portable and dab radios online at low cost prices.

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