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Pepe are the UK's best known manufacturer of denim jeans and make denim clothing for both men and women. Like most of the top jeans companies the world over Pepe have branched out and also make t-shirts, jackets, belts and other quality clothing. Pepe Jeans London are obviously based in London, England and are the UK's most populare denim clothing brand. Pepe Jeans were at their peak performance in the late 1980's with their drainpipe style jeans in an odd greyish colour. After this Pepe jeans went into a bit of popularity dip but during the late 1990's and into the year 2000 and beyond they have released a new line of quality and cool looking denim clothing.

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  4. Pepe Jeans London
    feeling blue? Try on some jeans, born in 1973 on Portobello Road, London.
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The correct word for the fabric used in Pepe Jeans is denim. It derives from the tent fabric that the Levi-Strauss partnership used when they decided to make a more durable pair of pants for men panning for gold in the western US in the 1800's. Here, in the states, people often use the term "Levis" or "blue jeans", when they refer to any durable blue casual pants, like Pepe's.

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I love pepe jeans but the only thing about the name brand are that Pepe is expensive.

User - Cecilia

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