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PDA handheld computers are fast becoming the standard form of personal organisers, and due to the power of the software included such as Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Premium operating system they are capable of performing many tasks a standard desktop pc can perform. Some of the more advanced pda computers are capable of smooth video playback, and with an integrated speaker and microphone make it possible to record and playback audio files. With memory and processor power up to 64 Mb SDRAM and 400 MHz Intel Xscale technology-based processor respectively they are becoming very powerful machines.

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Summary of Handheld Computers

Never has it been a better time to purchase a pda computer due to the advancements in power and usability. Most now come standard with windows handheld operating systems and the power of these computers is comparable with a top spec desktop pc of say 4 or 5 years ago.
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