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Panasonic's standards are still firmly grounded in the philosophy of company founder Konosuke Matsushita. He began their journey in 1918 by inventing a two-socket light fixture. As he built Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd he concentrated on what the customer required and designed simple but useful appliances. Currently they manufacture LCD screens, plasma and CRT television sets, DVD players, VCRs, portable CD and analog tape decks and home stereo equipment. They currently market their products under the slogan 'Ideas for Life'.

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Panasonic are the primary sponsor of Toyota's Formula 1 program in 2005.


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Posted on 20 / 08 / 2003

Panasonic DMR-E30 Dvd Recorder

This is a state of the art dvd recorder and even though the price is expensive I think it's worth it. It is straight forward and easy to plug in and switch on, and the setup takes place automatic. What I like about recorder is you can record and playback at the same time, so you can watch and record at the same time. The Panasonic DVD-RAM discs you need to buy to record on cost around £20 and can hold about 1 to 6 hours. You can't however use these Panasonic DVD-RAM discs on another dvd player such as a Sony or Bush machine. In conclusion if you watch a lot of telly and record a lot also and want the best quality recording then this is the machine to get.

User Rating -
Jack Simmons, Louth

Posted on 22 / 08 / 2003

Panasonic NNV673S Microwave

Our previous microwave stop working after only 5 Years, so I wanted to buy the best and hopefully most reliable microwave for a reasonably price. After unpacking the microwave, I was surprised how light it was. For such a big unit, I expected it to weigh more than it did. I was a little worried that this meant it was wasn't well made, but I was proved wrong by Panasonic. The power of the microwave is impressive, and is much faster than my previous sharp microwave. The interior space is the best part, because compared with older microwaves it is massive. The stainless steel cabinet and attractive styling make it look great in my kitchen, and with plenty of extras that I probably won't even use means I am very happy and would definitely recommend it.

User Rating -
Polly Lake, Carlisle