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Olympus make some of the most popular photography products like digital cameras and normal compact photo cameras. The price range of Olympus products varies greatly from affordable to professional photography prices.

About Olympus
Olympus is a global corporation with extensive R&D resources, a vast product offering, and facilities around the world, Olympus began in 1919 (under the name Takachiho Seisakusho) with one goal: to produce Japan's first microscope. Today, 82 years after they made their first microscope, they remain as young, as eager, as curious and as vigorous as they were in the beginning.

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Posted on 01 / 06 / 2003

Olympus Olympus Mju II Compact 35mm

I recently got this camera from Dixons and it works perfect and came with fast delivery. I bought it for £89.99 and came with features such as Auto Focus, Built-in Flash, Self Timer, Real image viewfinder, New advanced flash system, Weatherproof and Bright 35mm f2.8 lens. The camera feels lightweight and easily fits in my pocket. I mainly got this camera for my holiday snaps in Spain and when I got them processed they came out fine. I used Fuji Superia film roll to take the pictures with and they look very clear with no red eye. I also registered online at the Olympus website and the process went off without any hitches and with the serial number working fine.

User Rating -
Stanley Hyman, Leeds

Posted on 06 / 06 / 2003

Olympus C50 Zoom Camera

I bought this camera five days ago and have tried without any luck to use it. After three e-mails to Olympus U.S.A. & Olympus U.K. I am left with a camera that i cannot use due to a fault with downloading their software as the serial number they ask to be entered does not work. For some reason or other they will not reply to my e-mails. I would not advise anybody to buy one if this is how their customers are dealt with. If i do not get any response from them in the next couple of days i shall seriously consider sending it back. I guess I will have to use the phone number instead of trying to find the serial number for my Olypmus C50 Zoom camera.

User Rating -
Stanley Hyman, Leeds

Olympus C310

User rating - - This camera has a brilliant zoom, and the pictures taken are brilliant however, batteries do not last the duration of a night and therfore u often need lots of sets and also the flash takes a while to recharge and the pic take a while to take after pressing the button

By User - Helen Loades

Olympus C725

User rating - - It has problems with over exposure, when you take pictures with the flash.

By User - Antonio