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Nokia first supplied telecommunications products to the UK market in the 1970s. Nokia employs around 2,200 staff achieving sales in 2001 of EUR 2.8 billion making the UK the third largest market for Nokia in the world. In 2001, for the second year running, Nokia was ranked as the fifth most valuable brand in the world in the Interbrand Annual Ranking.

Popular models so far,

  • Nokia 3220 - This superb handset features a camera and colour display.
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Posted on 20 / 08 / 2003

Nokia 5100 - Review

I purchased this Nokia handset because it included an FM radio. While I commute on the train into London I often get bored by the delays and like to listen to the radio. I haven't really the room to carry a radio with me, so having it incorporated into my mobile is great. The Nokia 5100 also includes polyphonic ringtones, java downloads and calorie counter but I have to say these are all useless to me. The handset itself works fine if a little heavy and I can't say the looks have grown on me. But just because of the FM radio I recommend this.

User Rating -
Sally Rogers, Colchester

Posted on 04 / 06 / 2003

Nokia 7250 Mobile Phone

You can currently find the new Nokia 7250 mobile phone at the Carphone Warehouse website, we found the offer on the home page on the 4th June 2003. Therefore after this date is may be out of stock. The new Nokia 7250 mobile phone features a quality colour screen, polyphonic ringtones, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) , Tri-band world phone - works in three networks on five continents, downloadable personal applications via Java technology, WAP features, Stereo FM radio, Handsfree speaker and a built-in camera so you can catch the moment & share it with friends. The special offer for the Nokia 7250 on the 4th June 2003 was from just £99.99, which seems a good price for what the mobile phone includes, radio, wap and a camera.

UK Shop Index Team

Nokia 3100

User rating - - had this phone at christmas and no probs with it at all only thing it look like you talking into a brick

By User - Bob

Nokia 3100

User rating - - Owned this phone since new (since it came out, no probs, great battery life, durable, never broke down. However, its had a rough life and sometimes switches off (once every few months) but £50 is what it cost brand new and its lasted a long time, I'd recommend it for reliability!! 5/5

By User - Amzy