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Sell a range of sleek adult toys, they look more like cell phones than whisper quiet vibrators.



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Item - Natural Contours Superbe vibrator

This is an absolutely horrendous company with a supposed "quibble free returns policy".

The vibrator was sent back due a badly sited motor that made the item sound like a road drill and not "quiet" as the item description suggested. It happens so I wasn\'t too concerned, especially given that the order was dispatched in record breaking time.

Initially getting a return organised was pretty simple but once the item was returned we heard absolutely NOTHING further from the company. A replacement was never sent and numerous emails have gone unanswered. Add to that, a voicemail to the 0870 number provided on the site has resulted in no return call. Anyone trying to use the contact form on the site will find it has a programming error and will not work.

In a nutshell, customer service with this company has been a complete joke and I would recommend potential customers go elsewhere.

User - Martin

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