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Top Gun

1. Danger zone - Kenny Loggins
2. Heaven in your eyes - Loverboy
3. Mighty wings - Cheap Trick
4. Take my breath away - Berlin
5. Top Gun anthem - Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens
6. Hot summer nights - Miami Sound Machine
7. Playing with the boys - Kenny Loggins
8. Lead on me - Teena Marie
9. Destination unkown - Marietta
10. Through the fire - Larry Greene

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What can you say other that THIS ALBUM IS GENIUS. With Kenny 'The Kenmeister' Loggins' rocking Danger Zone kicking off procedings in fine style, the 'soundtrack of the century' never looks back. Loggins, behind such hits as Footloose and no others returns with gay anthem 'Playing With The Boys' only a track later to take the album to heights only ever experienced before in Jon Bon Jovi's Destination Anywhere album. German rockers Berlin chip in with the soulful casio keyboard sensation Take My Breath Away- before the album is rounded off in the best possible way by The Top Gun Anthem- an emotional piece over seen by the genius of Harold 'Falto, The Faltman' Faltermeyer and the god-like Steve 'Stevo, The Stevster' Stevens. When the album finishes and the tears are wiped from the eyes, you will open up the CD player to remove one of the finest albums in living memory. Sensational.

By User - John Craven from Miramar, Fightertown, USA

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