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1. Jump (for My Love) - Girls Aloud
2. Too Lost In You - Sugababes (Soundtrack Version)
3. The Trouble With Love Is - Kelly clarkson
4. Here With Me - Dido
5. Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack
6. Turn Me On - Norah Jones
7. Songbird - Eva Cassidy
8. Sweetest Goodbye - Maroon 5
9. Wherever You WIll Go - The Calling
10. I'll See It Through - Texas
11. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
12. White Christmas - Otis Redding
13. Take Me As I Am - Sharissa
14. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Olivia Olson
15. God Only Knows - the Beach Boys
16. All You Need Is Love - Lynden David Hall
17. Sometimes - Gabrielle
18. Glasgow Love theme - Craig Armstrong
19. PM's Love theme - Craig Armstrong
20. Portugese Love theme - Craig Armstrong

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I love the movie, love the story, love the directing, and I'm currently in love with the soundtrack.
I originally decided to buy it just so I could listen to Olivia Olsen's absolutely amazing voice (considering her age, too) singing one of my favourite Christmas Songs. I then listened to the whole album, and simply couldn't stop listening. Even thte slightly mushy love themes at the end, bring back memorys, and are wonderfull, really making me think of the movie and the wonderfully put together storylines. I have listened to this album for the X time now, and everytime I notice some other wonderfull song, which really pulls the right strings when it comes to romance and melancholy. What really surprised me was the compilation of songs so different in genre and time frame, which fit perfectly together, without any really, really old ones (eg: Intolerable Cruelty).
Anyway, my point is that this is a wonderfull CD to listen to even without having seen the movie, even though seeing the movie will make you understand certain songs better. And considering everybody who happened to listen to this CD (due to my absolute obsesion with it) since I bought it a few days ago, have found quite a few songs to put on their christmas list.

By User - Gabriela Filipas from Munich, Germany

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