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Guilty Blue

1. Stand Up
2. Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
3. Taste It
4. Guilty
5. Bubblin'
6. Rock The Night
7. When Summer's Gone
8. Alive
9. I Wanna Know
10. Back It Up
11. Breathe Easy
12. Walk Away
13. Where You Want Me
14. How's A Man Supposed To Change?
15. No Goodbyes

Blue are still trying to emulate their US counterparts, and their third album Guilty includes a host of set pieces including shouty bits, timbaland-esque production and even some falsetto singing. Songs like "Stand Up" and "Bubblin'" are classic Blue in the spirit of "All Rise" and "Drive By"--funky backing with catchy half-sung, half-spoken lyrics that make for a pretty good start to the album.
The standout soul ballad is "How a Man's Supposed to Change"--catchy and light with a rousing chorus that unlike most other ballads on the album actually sounds like Blue as opposed to any generic boyband. Three albums down the line Blue are still delivering the goods, although a number of the songs sound remarkably like Westlife--not necessarily a bad thing but Blue have their own style and should most definitely stick to it. --Georgina Collins


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