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1. What I Go To School For
2. Crash and Burn
3. Britney
4. Losing You
5. Year 3000
6. Psycho Girl
7. All The Way
8. Sleeping With The Light On
9. Dawson's Geek
10. When Day Turns Into Night
11. Everything I Knew
12. Without You
13. Interlude (Snippet)
14. Loser Kid

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I got the Busted album ages ago and it is the best album i have ever bought. i also have busted's new album, which is amazing, but the first one gives you better idea of what the band are like,
because they are a pop band who write and play catchy, punky pop music. The album is really amusing, and I wish Busted were around when Westlife were, because Westlife would have never been heard of. I give this album 5 stars, because they are an amazing, and are worth their weight in gold. they appreciate and love their fans, and believe me, i would give up shopping to meet busted, and i llloooovvvveeeee shopping!

By User - Claire Shields

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