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About a Boy

1. Exit Stage Right
2. A Peak You Reach
3. Something To talk About
4. Dead Duck
5. Above You, Below Me
6. I love N.Y.E.
7. Silent Sigh
8. Wet, Wet, Wet
9. River-Sea-Ocean
10. S.P.A.T.
11. Rachel’s Flat
12. Walking Out Of Stride
13. File Me Away
14. A Minor Incident
15. Delta (Little Boy Blues)
16. Donna and Blitzen

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After enjoying the film I hurried out to purchase a copy of the soundtrack. A quick listen to the CD at a listening post at the shop confirmed what I already expected... that this was an excellent album. Combining both instrumental and vocal pieces, the essence of the film is perfectly embodied, often provoking the listener to think back to certain parts of the movie. From the thirty second long 'Exit Stage Right' to the beautifully evocative 'I Love Nye', each song has a charming character of its own. My personal favourite is 'Silent Sigh', in my opinion the most representative of the film and soundtrack as a whole. My only quibble, albeit very minor, is that unlike other film soundtracks that I own the tracks are not arranged in the order in which they appear in the film. This is not really a problem though, and the order in which they have been placed works well. Definitely worth buying - it's great as background music or just to listen to more loudly.

By User - Simon Fisher from Gloucester, United Kingdom

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