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Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. These include: Software-enhanced wireless telephone, and messaging products and systems, as well as networking and Internet-access products for consumers, network operators, and commercial, government and industrial customers

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Posted on 20 / 08 / 2003

Motorola V70 - Review

The most interesting and best designed mobile I have ever owned, I nearly always get great comments about it from work mates and the like while using it. The thing I like best about the Motorola V70 is the revolving design, but the colour display screen is also great. It feels like you are using a gadget out of Men in Black or something. If you want a mobile to be proud of and make your work mates jealous then buy the V70.

User Rating -
Claire Godfrey, Leeds

Motorola V600 - Review

User rating - - Probably the worst phone that I have had, rivaled only by other motorolas. Certainly the last motorola I will ever have. main problem is battery charger connections, after much fiddling and riggling it starts to charge, but if a mouse farts in the same room, it stops charging. - buy a Nokia, never has problems like this.

By User - Trevor Davies

Motorola V600 - Review

User rating - - Trevor the charger works fine for me, maybe you just got a faulty one. I think it is a great phone, really easy to use and easy to charge. I have only ever had one noki and the rest have benn motorolas nokias are no betta. Personally I found the motorola v600 the best phone i have ever used!

By User - poppy

Motorola V220 - Review

User rating - - I bought this phone from the orange shop in sauciehall street glasgow on the 19 nov as a xmas present and it failed to work. Returned it as soon as i could on the 29th dec and orange refused to give a refund it is now in the hands of trading standards and my daughter is still without her xmas present.SHAME ON ORANGE. orange do not have customer service i would never buy from them again nor would any of my family or friends.

By User - alex

Motorola V220 - Review

User rating - - This was the worst phone i have ever had, I bout this phone from tesco as tesco mobile service and it was the best phone there but after 2 days i couldn't get on to dialing services or personalise. I exchanged it for a new v220 at tesco and after 3 days it did the same thing again, I just got my money back, wise

By User - Liam

Motorola V300 - Review

User rating - - I think that you'll see all of the young updated people using this phone. This phone has awesome games, mad choices and many options thats why i like my Motorola V300.

By User - Richard

Motorola V300 - Review

User rating - - Its a good phone but i do recomend a different one. IT DOES NOT HAVE A VOICE RECORDER! bare that in mind !

By User - emma

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