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Along with the CPU the motherboard is probably the most important componant in a personal computers. Every other device such as hard disks, cd-roms, memory, CPU's, floppy drives is connected to and runs off the motherboard. The motherboard dictates the speed of all devices and is the circuit board which the power supply runs through. A motherboard includes a variety of slots such as AGP, PCI, AMR, parallel ports, ps/2 interface, on-board IDE, memory sockets and much more.

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  1. PC World Component Centre
    Their aim is to provide the UK's largest range of PC Components. Look for a range of motherboards at their new website.
  2. Novatech
    They offer over 9000 computer hardware lines from the world's leading manufacturers. They also sell a range of gigabyte computer motherboards at discount / cheap prices.
  3. Micro Direct
    One of the leading IT resellers in the UK - supplying cutting edge technology to the consumer.
  4. Motherboard HomeWorld
    Reviews, recommendations and buying secrets. Information and advice on chipsets, manufacturers and vendors.
  5. AnandTech: Motherboard Section
    features reviews of motherboards.
  1. Gigabyte GA-7VT600-L - I bought this board because the most recent failure of.

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Motherboards are the most important part of the pc and finding the right one with right features is vital to a good pc setup. The price of motherboards has come down over the years and you can find quality cheap motherboards on the net now.
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