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Morphy Richards were founded in 1935 and started by making electrical appliances and products such as irons, toasters and elelctrical fires. The name Morphy Richards comes from the combination of Donal Morphy and Charles Richards, with Morphy being an electrician and Richards being a salesman. They set out to create low cost cheap modern electrical appliances for the modern mass market and the company still tries to do this.

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Currys offers household appliances such as a range of Morphy Richards electrical products at low / cheap prices.

24-7 Electrical
Check for the latest Morphy Richards products such as irons and toasters at 24-7 Electrical.

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  1. Morphy Richards 27010 Radio - Small portable radio, excellent quality, sturdy build.
  2. 47505 Coffee Machine - This Morphy Richards coffee machine is able to froth milk.

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Morphy Richards create low cost electrical products for the UK market and have been well known in the UK since the 1930's. This means that a lot of people in the Uk have had direct experiences of what Morphy Richards does. Seems a good company for buying cheap household electrical appliance such as irons, toasters and radios.

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