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Sharp GX10i
  • Tri-band
    • Digital Camera
    • 3 available picture sizes
    • Soft key for access to Vodafone live!
    • Large colour LCD display
    • TFT screen 65,536 colours
    • WAP 1.2.1
    • MMS
    • Three pre-programmed and downloadable Java games
    • Java capability
    • Calendar, Organizers
    • Organisers
    • Built-in IrDA-port
    • Voice Notes
    • Pre-programmed and downloadable 16-tone polyphonic ringtones
    • Infrared modem
    • GPRS
    • T9, predictive texting
    • 500 space built-in phonebook
    • Voice recorder
    • Talktime: 3.75hrs
    • Standby Time: 250hrs
    • Dimensions: 26 x 94 x 49mm
    • Weight: 110g
  • Product Description
    With a stylish, smart and compact design, Sharp's GX10i (successor to the popular GX10) will definitely turn heads but has much more going for it than simple good looks alone. Weighing in at just 110 g the GX10i will slip nicely into your pocket without causing too much of a bulge and with features including polyphonic ringtones, a built-in digital camera and downloadable games is fun as well as practical.
    Opening the phone's clamshell style case reveals a pleasing high-resolution (120 x 160 pixels) colour display along with a well laid-out keypad featuring a joystick for easy navigation of the phone's neatly executed menu system. The screen is capable of displaying over 65,000 different colours and is supplemented by an additional LCD display on the outside of the case, used for displaying useful information including caller identification. The phone's battery gives a respectable maximum of 250 hours standby time and up to 255 minutes of talk time per charge.

    The phone's high-quality main screen really comes into its own when using the GX10i's inbuilt camera or playing JAVA games on the phone. The 110k pixel digital camera includes five exposure levels and a two-stage digital zoom and has storage for up to 80 digital pictures. You can share your pictures using the built-in infra-red port or via MMS (multi-media messaging). Alternatively you can link images to names in the phone book so their picture pops up whenever they call.

    Built-in software lets you compose your own polyphonic ringtones, perform simple picture editing and manage your calendar. Text-addicts will be pleased to learn that the phone includes T9 predictive typing for speedy messaging while frequent-flyers will appreciate the fact that tri-band operation gives the phone compatibility with mobile phone networks in over 120 countries including the USA.

Sharp GX10i Reviews

User rating -

This is a fantastic phone with everything you could possible want. It has a great high resolution camera which is good for taking pictures that are close to you and for away because it also comes with a good zoom. The thing i dislike about the phone is the arial because it digs in my leg but i dont let this bother me. The battery life isnt the best but it is fine for me because i charge it up over night every night so i dont se the problem. Stornig just 10 messages might be a problem for some but deleting them is easy. You are abole to store up to 80 photos which is excellent compared to most camera phones. There are great polyphonic ringtones built in also these have a great volume most polyphonic tones on phones are very quite these are laud. I would give this phone 4.5* out of 5* because the battery life lets it down. I would recomend this phone to anybody, and when people
might say the camera might not be the best of quality, believe me it is excellent. I hope i have helped you decide on buying this phone, because if you do you will not be disappointed.

By User - Matthew from Bury

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