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Latest Review - Canon Powershot S60

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The best camera I've bought, very powerful zoom feature and easy to use. Can fit in your pocket and weighs very little. Canon have succeeded in producing a cost effective powerful camera. I used a price comparison service with dealtime to find the lowest price for this device. I found that many of the major stores like Dixons were charging about 30 pounds more than some of the smaller retailers. The one i decided on after reading some reviews was Pixmania. There price was amongst the lowest and i really liked the design and feel of the site. The camera took about 3 days to come by post and everything was packaged well. I cant fault the price or service i got. I will certainly be buying all my electrical appliances from the web. With a little research it seems you really can save a good amount of money. I am talking about 20% off most of the items i compared. Plus you do not have the expense of parking and petrol of travelling to you local store. The only downside is customer service. Good advice is a little harder to come by online, and it's hard to know whether it's genuine or not. Well done Canon and Pixmania for my camera..

User - Karl

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Mobile Phone Glossary


Mobile Phone Batteries are used to the charge the installed battery on mobiles phones, the length a mobile phone can be charged for varies greatly per handset. A more expensive handset can usually be charged for a longer time. Batteries are supplied in both Ni-Mh and Li-Ion versions. The rating in ‘mAh’ shown next to each battery relates directly to the phones standby / talk time. The higher the value the longer the phone will last between charges. Li-Ion batteries are lighter than Ni-Mh.


Mobile Phone Cables so you transfer data between your handset and other electrical appliances such as laptop computers, desktop computers, other mobile phones andpersonal organisers. The speed and size of data being able to transfer varies greatly. You can find cables for your mobile phone that allow functions such as a cable that allows you to connect your phone to your PC and manage data transfer.


Mobile Phone Chargers are a popular accessory for making sure the battery of a mobile handset is charged. The amount of time it takes to charge and the amount of time it can charge the battery up to is dependant on a range of factors, the handset, the battery and the charger quality. Mobile Phone chargers are used to charge the batteries inserted into mobile phones to give them power. You can find chargers such as chargers that will work on any AC supply 90 volts to 250 volts, chargers that use your USB port on your computer, chargers that use the cigarette lighter in your car and much more.

Hands Free Sets

Hands Free Sets are a popular mobile phone accessories. Hands free sets allow you too use your mobile phone in the car and you can also select one of the other mounting options below: Swivel, Cigar Lighter Mounted or Stick-on bracket. To clamp your handset onto the handlebars of your bicycle you will need a hands free unit plus a carry case. A lot of hands free headsets are now for the style-minded, and plenty are now Bluetooth Headsets and are discrete, light and sit neatly on either ear. They support voice dial, answer and reject, and has a connecting range to your phone of up to ten metres.