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MiniDisc Players were first released in the late 1990's by Sony but were very expensive, over £300 at least. This meant they didn't really catch on until the prices started becoming lower in the 2000's. One reason for this may be the low cost / cheap minidisc players released by companies such as Aiwa and Sharp.

Minidisc Models,
- Aiwa
- Sony

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  1. Littlewoods Index - Over 40,000 inspirational products online - buy anything from fashion to furniture. You can even apply for 3 months interest-free credit. Littlewoods Index has a section dedicated to electrical appliances such as Aiwa, Sharp and Sony Walkman MiniDisc players.
  2. Comet - Comet are one of the UK's leading electrical high street shops and supply a great range of home entertainment systems, eg, widescreen televisions, dvd players, dolby surround sound stereos. Comet also supply a wide range of Aiwa, Sharp and Sony Walkman MiniDisc players.
  3. Minidisc Community Portal - Hi-MD Brings Minidisc Format to Fruition January 2004: Sony introduces Hi-MD (specs,web) with a new 1GB medium, existing media reformatted to 300MB.
  4. Peter Ravn's MiniDisc page - Peter Ravn's MiniDisc page. Hacks, tips and tricks on Sony MD units... Visit the US National Debt Clock. Welcome to my MiniDisc page.
  1. Aiwa AMX9L - recordable persoanl minidisc player with a great backlit LCD.

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Summary of MiniDisc Players

Hi-MD is a nearly complete revamping of the original Minidisc system. The most significant change is the introduction of Hi-MD media, which includes a new 1GB blank in the existing MD form-factor and a reformatting of existing MD media that doubles its capacity to 305MB. In addition, several important and long wished-for Minidisc capabilities have been incorporated into Hi-MD equipment.
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