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McAfee is based in Sunnyvale, CA. Consumers worldwide use McAfee's services to scan their PCs for viruses, clean and optimize their hard drives, and update applications and operating systems. Other services include VirusScan Online, Personal Firewall, Privacy Service and much more. Recently, McAfee expanded its product offering with McAfee for Business - a new web site serving the security needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

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  3. Security Headquarters - The world-class McAfee® Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team (AVERT) provides businesses with the services required to react quickly to intrusions on desktops, servers and the network and protect computer systems from the next generation.

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Summary of McAfee

Anti virus software is responsible for detecting and deleting computer viruses. As anti virus software is advancing the features they offer are becoming very sophisticated. Anti virus software released by companies like McAfee can also block hackers from attacking your PC and also allow you to update your anti virus software against the latest viruses unleashed on the Internet. Below is some of the most popular anti virus software packages,

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