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Loot currently have 140,000 ads running online for sections such as selling property.


Posted on 12 / 03 / 2006

I havent used the website, but the newspaper is published every week and sold at most newsagents in London. I was moving home and after talking with friends it seemed most used Loot for selling or buying a new home. It costs quite abit at £1.40 but when I was looking for a new home to rent it was far and away the best and cheapest way of finding a place to live. It includes a massive amount of flatshares and short let ads, alongside family houses and west endsuites, there and thousands and thousands to browse through. My main tip is you have to be fast. Browsing through the Loot early morning would really help, as good places go very fast, and in fast I mean in hours. You should start phoning from 9am. This is one reason I wouldnt use the website, I am sure by the time the good ads are published online they will be taken.

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Posted on 12 / 05 / 2005

Had a problem trying to view ads which have been added to Loot, seems you have to pay to view the contact details, which sucks quite a bit. Had no problem with ads that are 5 days and above old. Thing is I am looking for subaru wrx and they have always been sold by the time the ads are 5 days and above old, or the deal just ain't that good. I mean Loot in my opinion are better than autotrader because their ads are always old, but just a shame you have to pay to view the contact details of ads your interested in.

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Jeff, London