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Loans and the companies involved are becoming a booming industry in the UK. If you are looking for financial companies on the Internet who will let you submit loan applications online then the below two Web sites can help you. Whether you are looking to submit a loan applications online for a new car or for home improvements then the Marbles and Your Loan can help. The Marbles website have a range of different loans that you submit a loan application for in a varirty of pay back schemes using different interest rates. The Marbles and Your Loan also have special advisors online at their Web sites to help you decide what loan application you should fill out. For more online stores that allow you to submit loan applications then please view our Financial Section.

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Marbles are part of the HFC Bank and offer loans from £5,000 to £24,999 at 8.9% apr. HFC Bank plc has provided personal loan facilities for over 3.5 million people throughout the UK. Marbles also offer a wide range of products and simple financial comparison tools. Marbles let you apply for a loan application online.

Your Loan
Their plain speaking advisors simply inform you of the most suitable lender in their portfolio, why they recommend them and what is required for you to proceed. Loans are for any purpose, most circumstances catered for.

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