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Laithwaites is the UK's No.1 independent wine specialist in everything from award winning wines to wine tasting accessories. With their 30 years of expertise dedicated to finding the best wines from around the world, Laithwaites pride themselves on wines of quality and above all, character. The online store offers award winning, quality wines from around the world, mixed wine cases, accessories, special online promotions, expert's recommendations and much more. Laithwaites award winning customer service offers advice on everything from which wines to buy, to foods that will compliment each bottle and with 90% of all deliveries reaching their destination within one week, you can rest assured there is no better place to find the finest wines and expert knowledge. Find wines such as,

  • El Bombero, 2002
  • The Black Shiraz, 2002
  • La Cantera, 1996
  • Alta Tierra Merlot, 2001
  • Grand Gaillard Merlot, 2002
  • Barons de Rothschild Lafite Réserve Spéciale, 2001
  • Il Papavero, NV
  • L'Ecusson Syrah, 2001
  • Montonero Bonarda Shiraz, 2002
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Laithwaites prides itself on wines of quality and above all, character. Our expert wine buyers travel constantly and taste tens of thousands of wines each year to pick you the best. Laithwaites has always had an innovative approach to wine. I began in the sixties introducing Britain to the first bottles to come from Bergerac, Duras, Madiran and other 'lost' regions of SW France.



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