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Kickers are based in Belgium but also have a large market share of shoe sales in both the UK and France. Kickers are one of the world's largest manufacturers of shoes and clothing products. Kickers make hard wearing shoes and boots which are ideal for working in or as a form of long lasting footwear. Below you will find the Shoe Shop .com which a large range of Kickers shoes for men and ladies online at cheap discount prices.

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    Kickers Copyright Koperino s.a. - Licence Kickers Benelux All rights reserved ...
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Posted on 29 / 05 / 2003

Kickers Mens Kayak Tie Shoes

I have got a pair of Kickers All Round boots\ shoes and I think they are briliant and there the best pair of shoes ive ever had. Because of this i don't mind falking out £90 for boots when there gonna be that good. Most pairs of shoes I buy are not that expensive ( def not £90 ) and they usually don't seem to last very long. These pair of Kickers all round though seem a lot tougher and very comfortable to wear also.

User Rating -
Laura Gregory, Oxford

Posted on 15 / 07 / 2003

Kickers Klick

These are fantastic shoes, they tend to last for ever, and now that I am in the States, and are so hard to find, I have to buy them when I come to the UK on holiday. They are quite expensive but they fit me perfectly, although i don't know how any one with out very narrow feet would get into them. The last pair of Kickers I bought was ages ago, and they are still going strong several years later. The rubber soles mean that the grip is really good I seem to remember paying about £65 (this was London which is quite expensive) for the shoes, but this was five years ago. If you look around on the Internet I am sure you can still buy Kickers £65 or even lower, according to a couple of websites I just looked at. I would say that this is still very good value.

User Rating -
Jo, Austin USA

Posted on 07 / 07 / 2003

Kickers Mens Ziode Slip On Shoes

I purchased my slip on's in France on holiday and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had. I will definately be buying Kickers all the time from now on. I haven't seen any Kickers which are exactly the same the ones I bought in France in the UK, but I saw some similar at the Shoe Shop called Kick Shiva. The description of these is funky open backed mule from Kickers. Leather upper with stitch detail. Hidden elastic gussets for grip, support and stability. Heel height is 2 and a quarter inches". Funky is a good description of my slip on's and I love them.

User Rating -
James Ricketts, Bridgwater

Posted on 06 / 10 / 2003

Kickers Boys Zero Tie Shoes

I bought my kickers loafers two years ago. They are the most comfortable shoes I ever had (and I have a shoe Now I would like to buy exactly the same pair again. But where can I get hold of them. If anyone knows of a site I can buy these loafers from please post the details on this site. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone interested in loafers.

User Rating -
Ingrid, Basingstoke

User Rating -

Kickers Klick

I bought a pair of these shoes at a since vanished shop in the states. The things lasted for almost four years worn every day - and wet conditions for two of those years. They looked good even after the suede went flat and they fit to my feet really well. Unfortunately they eventually got musty smelling from not drying them soon enough too often during a flooding season. I took a polaroid before reluctantly tossing them. The laces broke about a year in but those shoes lasted well. I've been looking for a pair like them since. Definitely good stuff. Five stars out of five!

User - Chris

User Rating - - up untill now 5.

Kickers Girls Alban Tie Shoes

I currently own 3 pair of kickers, 1 pair are 5 years old , 1pair 1 year old & 1 new pair. The 5 year old pair i have totally worn out as i did my previous pair, the 1 year old pair have totally failed with the soles splitting on both shoes. This i am very dissapointed with, is this a manufacturing defect?

User - enda

User Rating -

Kickers Klick

I have 2 sets of kickers shoes and a pair of kickers sandals. I can say i am admirer of kickers!!! it's the best shoes i ever had. My shoes are made from spain and portugal. I bought them four years ago and until now they are still my favorites shoe partner. They never let me down... in comfort and in style! kickers are the best.

User - cris maclid

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