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Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide the best and cheapest  electric kettles, you can find a wide range of kettle brands such as Bosch, Indecit, Zanussi, Hotpoint and many more. Otherwise you can check out our Electrical Section for other online electrical shops that sell electric kettles. Cheap Electric Kettles come with options and features such as a Limescale filter, 360 degree connector base, water hold of 1.7 plus litres, Electronic reminder to change kettle filter cartridge, Dual on/off switch for water filtration & boiling, Brita cartridge included to name a few we have seen.

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  1. Premier Electric Kettle - This Bush kettle was won in a raffle about 3 yrs ago.

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Summary of Kettles

We found that electric kettles have come down in price alot, with a the lowest / cheap price being around £10 going upto £60 for an expensive kettle with all the features. The best idea would probably be not buy a very cheap priced kettle foe 10 pounds because it's bound not to last long and seeing as the best only costs 60 pounds you may as well go for that.
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