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Posted on 13 / 06 / 2004

These guys certainly have changed from when i first shopped with them in the 1980's. They seem to have devoured the local camera shop competition, then have moved towards a Dixons style chain store management. The problem with this is that the staff do not seem as knowlegable as they were. And the passion for cameras seems to be lacking. And my favourite section of used equipment and traditional photography is now almost extinct. The stores used to feel like your friendly local independent, now they feel like your cold hearted multi-national. Overall though, I would still recommend Jessops for a hassle free purchase of a digital camera. They are certainly still suitable for thos totally new to photography or the expert.

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A.J, Nottingham

Posted on 29 / 06 / 2004

Cant disgaree more with AJ above, Jessops have been voted Practical Photography magazine's 'People's Choice Award' for Best Photo Retailer for the last seven years. And whenever i go shopping in my local store it's not hard to see why. Everytime i visit the staff are alwways exceedingly accommodating, and are pretty knowledgeable for employees in a chain store brand. All the stores i've visted include an experienced assistant if you come across a chap who doesn't know much. When i needed a new camera for my son recently the assistant was handing us camera after camera, finding us the batteries to look at, giving us time to play around with test shots, and then all the while answering all the questions we were firing st them. They also have a price-matching policy which includes the internet, so you get very good service at a great price. What more do you want.

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James, Nottingham

Posted on 13 / 06 / 2004

After searching online from many retailers I decided to order a a Fuji Finepix F700 Zoom Digital Camera from Jessops. Many because it was by far the lowest price, being on sale for only £159.99. Ordering online always meant free postage on the item. I personally found the website easy to navigate, and I had few problems with checkout procedure. They then sent an email confirmation of the order and receipt. The camera arrived on time by a registered courier. If you havent already visited the website, it offers great step by step guides on taking digital photographs, and enhancing the software as well. Even when checking on eBay I couldnt find a better deal for my camera, and with Jessops you have no hidden costs. A brand you can trust

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Claire, London

Posted on 07 / 03 / 2006

We visited Jessops Newport shop a couple of months ago where my daughter and I each bought a digital camera. The staff (two young men - one took over as one was called away) were brilliant, helpful, knowledgable and so enthuastic without the real hard sell tactics - just right. Please thank them they were outstanding and we will go back again.

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Nesta Woods

Posted on 21 / 04 / 2006

Whats the point in working at or shopping at jessops. For example their latest deal Nikon D50 + 18-55mm Lens at £398. Thats selling at 1.6% profit after tax. Thats £4.20 a camera? They are also selling 1Gb SD cards at about £85 when London Camera Exchange are less than £60. Maybe this is why Jessops are in financial difficulty. Maybe they should employ someone who knows how to do business not just someone who knows how to undercut people.

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Lee Eyre

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