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Irons seem to come with options such as 4 bars of steam pressure, Cord storage so that is a device designed to store the cord away neatly when not in use, Temperature warning indicator so that the iron indicates the iron is hot. On more basic electric irons which are for sale at cheap prices such as below 20 pounds you may get features such as variable steam settings which can be used as a dry iron or with the versatility of variable steam control. Below you will find some uk shops / stores that provide great / cheap prices for electric irons. You can find a wide range of irons brands such as Philips, Breville, Kenwood, DeLonghi, Morphy Richards and many more. Otherwise you can check out our Electrical Section for other online electrical shops that sell electric irons.

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    The Electric Shop offers you a quality service and competitive deals on all household appliances.They sell a good majority of lots of household electronics at cheap prices such as Electric Irons from lots of top brands.
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    Tesco sell a huge range of electrical products. These include televisions, videos, cameras, microwaves, fridges, freezers, Electric Irons, kettles, cookers, computers and many more. Tesco cater for all your online shopping needs and offers cheap prices.
  3. Iron & Laundry Stove Museum
    Shaker Brook Farm Antique Pressing Iron & Laundry Stove Museum - Antique irons, Asbestos Sad Irons, Pressing, Tailor's Goose, Goffering, Mangle, Flat, Ironrite
  1. Rowenta DX9301 - high quality professional iron that offers many great features.

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Summary of Irons

Electric Irons have come down in price alot, with a the lowest / cheap price being around £20 going up to £100 for an expensive washing machine with all the features. Some things that put people off Electric Irons are cheap irons which dont come with safety options such as a temperature warning indicator so that the iron indicates the iron is hot. It is always a good idea where children are concerned to have safety features with an electric iron.

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