What are Internet Service Providers ISP's

Internet Service Providers (ISP's) are companies that connect computers to the Internet. Over the past ten years their has been an explosion of UK Internet Service Providers (ISP's) supplying fee based and free Internet access. Because there are hundred's of UK Internet Service Providers (ISP's) it is getting increasingly difficult to know which one to pick. The main things you should look for and consider when picking a new Internet Service Providers (ISP's) are,

  • the monthly or yearly cost to connect and the cost of phone calls per minute if you are using a free ISP service.
  • the cost of support (telephone call per minute) if you get problems when trying to setup an account at an ISP.
  • the service provided by the ISP, such as connection speed and reliability when connected.
  • online support and services such as email accounts offered by the ISP
  • additionally you could try a monthly trial at an ISP to see how good their service is or try to find an existing user to ask their opinion of the service.


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