Internet Scams

The Office of Fair Trading has published a list of Internet scams people should look for when shopping on the Internet. UK Shop Index can pretty much guarantee that none of the shops we list are scams, but we can never be 100% sure and it's worthwhile our users know that these Internet scams exist. A lot of the sites we list are household names eg, Comet and Dixons, and our other sites usually have security certificates and guarantees about security. What you should be careful of according to The Office of Fair Trading is sites that,

  • Hidden addresses - traders who try to sell goods or services using an anonymous email address or post office box number and make it hard for you to find their actual location.
  • Capital letters shouting at you - even the look and wording of adverts can make you suspicious. Be wary of adverts that shout at you, like 'MAKE MILLIONS ON THE INTERNET' or 'How to make a ££££million!!!'.
  • Hidden expenses - be wary of advertisements promising 'no start up fee' and then asking for a one-off fee.
  • Promises of instant wealth - if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Vague references - 'Thousands of satisfied customers!' might sound impressive, but you're rarely given enough information to check them out.
  • This is not a scam - Don't fall for this trick. A legitimate business doesn't need to convince you of its legality.
  • Pay for a secret - some scams will offer a 'secret' money-making method available 'only to a select number of people'. But a typical scam reaches thousands of users. Details of the scheme are kept hidden until after you pay a fee

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