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A printer is a computer hardware device that allows people to print text and images from a computer screen to a piece of paper. Since their first inclusion in the 1970's / 1980's in the home computing scene printers have become very advanced with laser printers now becoming available. Of course there is a massive range in the quality and cost of printers with such printers as mono, ink-jet, thermal, line, dot-matrix and laser printers all being available.

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  1. Calibre Computing
    Calibre Computing are inkjet cartridge specialists, offering a full range of branded and compatible products at excellent prices for the all the popular printers. If you are looking for inkjet printer cartridges for Hewlett Packard, Epson, Lexmark or Canon then Calibre Computing can supply it.
  2. Misco
    They have a great online computer section at their web site. They sell computer hardware, software, games, accessories, cables for networking, handheld computer, Inkjet Printers.
  3. PC Technology Guide: Inkjet Printers
    how inkjet printers work.

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So if you buy an inkjet printer or a laser printer then you can read other people's reviews of that product before you buy it above . Conversely if you have bought a Helwett Packard inkjet printer or a Lexmark inkjet printer you can post a review to help future people decide whether to purchase the product.

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