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Latest Review - George Foreman 'Baby' Purple Grill

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This is the first time we have had a health grill. The grill is easy to use and clean after use. I bought one of these of amazon, and it was the best £27 i ever spent! this machine does all my bacon, burgers, fish and chicken! not only does it cook them well it also lets all the fat run out meaning i'm eating much healthier now. I have to admit i weren't to sure about it at first but me and my mates are always using it. One piece of advice I would give is to make sure you read the manual before using, otherwise i've found that the food will not be cooked properly. It not a fool proof system, it's best to read up before hand. I would definetly recommend this product as it is cheap, tasty and keeps you healthy. It' also safe and efficient. It is a very good buy, and a good present for anybody I think.


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