George Foreman 'Baby' Purple Grill

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George Foreman 'Baby' Purple Grill
  • Double non stick coated grill plates
  • Specially designed spatulas
  • Drip trays
  • Manufacturer's Description
    A knockout new kitchen appliance from George Foreman, which has encouraged 25m Americans to lead a healthier lifestyle, has now sold two million units in the UK and has rapidly become the UK’s "must have" kitchen appliance. Health-conscious and time-pressed English and Americans have been wowed by its unique sloped groove system, which keeps food above and away from the fat and channels it into one of two trays provided.

    The versatile and easy-to-use grill seals in the delicious flavours of meat, fish steaks, burgers and vegetables while they cook simultaneously and evenly on both sides - a real time-saver, as it cuts most cooking times in half. The grill's ingenious floating hinges mean that thick chops, bacon rashers, chicken breasts and chunky vegetables all grill evenly. The double-coated non-stick surface means that there is no need for oil or butter and makes cleaning-up easy and quick - the durable grill plates can simply be wiped down after cooking.


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I bought one of these of amazon and it was the best £27 i ever spent! this machine does all my bacon, burgers, fish and chicken! not only does it cook them well it also lets all the fat run out meaning i'm eating much healthier now! i have to admit i weren't to sure about it at first but me and my mates are always using it. i would definetly recommend this product as it is cheap, tasty and keeps you healthy!

User - super_ally from Northampton

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