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The current President and Chief Executive Officer of Honda Motor Co. Ltd is a Hiroyuki Yoshino. Honda are one of Japan's and the world's largest car and motorcycle manufacturers. Honda have also been a leading company in the development of motorsport and are currently making the engine for a Formula 1 motor team.

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 Honda Reviews

Posted on 27 / 07 / 2003

Honda Stream - UK Model

This is the first Honda motor car I have bought in over 20 years of driving. It is the best car I have bought. The gear change is the smoothest of any, the handling is excellent and the economy is good too. I have just bought a Renault Clio as a second car and I am going to trade it in for a Civic...the Clio is not a patch on Honda. As for fuel consumption I was quite happy with around 35 miles per gallon which is not as good as my Renault Clio but when you take into account that 6 people are travelling seems ok to me. It is not a very popular car; I have only ever seen one other one on the road. I would recommend anyone to try Honda instead of Renault.

User Rating -
Michael Lister, Leeds

Posted on 10 / 07 / 2003

Honda Civic Type-R - Review

A true hot hatch compared to my previous car, a 1995 Golf Gti 16v. This car has 200bhp which means it has similar power to cars such as the 1st generation Subaru Impreza Trubo 2000 and Honda Integra. Before buying the Civic Type-R I looked at the Renault Clio 172 Cup and though that car was very nice I felt the Honda had a little more power and being a Honda would keep it's value better and last longer. The Civic Type-R is powered by a 2.0 litre VTEC engine and can deliver 197bhp at 7400rpm, which makes it a genuine hot hatch. The handling is also very good with lots of grip and fuel consumption isn't any worse than my old Golf Gti, returning around 20mpg around town and pushing between 35 - 40mpg on a long run, depending on how hard you are driving. There aren't many extras apart from Air-Conditioning which is a staggering £1,250 option, plus the air-con has a significant impact on the performance of the car. So if that's the case then I wouldn't recommend anyone who is interested in preformance have air-con fitted. The level of road noise coming into the cabin is loud however and can become annoying, but apart from this the car is ideal because it has plenty of performance but at £15,000 is cheap for what you get and doesn't cost the earth to run.

User Rating -
Mike Tavern, Derby

User rating -
Model - Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 iCDTi

This has now been my company car from new for the last 9 months. The build quality, performance and ride are great but I've now been had the AA out under Honda's roadside assistance scheme 3 times. First time because of a flat tyre!!!! Honda do not supply a spare wheel as standadrd but a tyre repair kit/compressor. This seldom works and when I had to call the Honda care assistance their policy is to only tow you to the nearest point of safety if there isn't a spare whhel on board - the result that I was dumped on a motorway service 100 miles from home and had to make my own arrangements to get the vehicle back on road. IF YOU BUY THE TOURER PLEASE GET THE SPACE SAVER SPARE WHEEL AND DON'T FALL FOR THE SALESMAN PATTER ABOUT THE REPAIR KIT. The AA will want £250 to tow you home. Second time the turbo went after about 6 months as I was driving. This time the AA recovery brought me back home. The main dealer couldn't diagnose the fault and it was 4 weeks before I got the car back with virtually a new turbo. Although covered by warranty I was informed that the bill would have been almost £7,000 (over £2,000 was labour). Apparently there was a recall on some of the Tourer diesels because of a turbo problem but mine wasn't meant to be one of them. Third time, 9 months later and the turbo has just gone again cutting my holiday short. After 2 days the main dealer still hasn't been able to identify the cause. Lovely car when it's running but take these issues up with your Honda dealer - how would you want a £7k bill for a turbo if out of warranty? It may just be a glitch on a new model but it shatters the myth about Honda's reliability.

By User - Rob

User rating -

Amazing economy. On a run at a constant-ish 60mph my best was 116mpg from Bury to Preston in Lancashire. The air-con will reduce this considerably though. On average over 49,000 trouble free miles the car did 81mpg. This includes urban driving and rapid motorway driving.

The car sits very low and has very stiff suspension. This let me go round roundabouts far quicker than the average car. Much to the annoyance of Mr Mondeo/Vectra rep. The seats are very figure hugging and hold you in place completely.

Their is no need to treat the car any differently than a small turbo charged car as the charging of the batteries is automatically done and even uses the braking energy to recharge them. Then when you want more go the electric motor kicks in like a turbo and you can scoot off down the road at up to 112mph.

The equipment levels are high and include fully automatic climate control.

Servicing costs are ridiculously low as the elctrics are service free and the petrol engine is only a 1 litre 3 cylinder engine.

Don't buy one unless you can live with only 2 seats and a small boot.

If you do want to buy one, buy a second hand one from the north of England or Wales or Scotland as the prices in London & the south are several thousand pounds higher. In the North they start from around £4,000 for a W reg. In London, Honda would sell this car for at least £7,000.

And people will stand and stare. One trick of my fellow motorway users would be for the odd driver to slow down while overtaking and sit on my back corner pointing at the car, along with their passenger(s).

For the giggle factor, the high mpg, the ridiculously low servicing costs and no congestion charging I give the car 5 stars out of 5.

By User - Stephen

User rating -
Model - Honda Stream i-vs 2005

I just used the car for 2 weeks and found it as the ultimate car in its class. Real value for money. Silent engine and smooth running make it a fun to drive. I filled it up with 6 adults and presto the speed is not at all affected. With its black color it's a head turner! I have used a toyota, a nissan and a mazda, but none could compete with this outstanding car, especially in its peformance. Looks like its going to be the car of my life time.

My only complain is it's middle seat is slighly shorter. Can;t blame it as I was using a chauffer driven Mercedes Benz before.

Consumption is surprisingly low.

In conclusion I can't wait for my weekend to bring it to the highway.

By User - Ian

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