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Home Cinema Systems have just come down in price recently (5/5/2003) and you can find Sony Home Cinema Systems for around £100 - £300. A full home cinema system will include,

  • Generally have five speakers (1 centre, 2 main front speakers and 2 back speakers) and a subwoofer.
  • Dvd player
  • A/V receiver

Features you should look for,

  • Support for,
    • DTS Digital Surround sound
    • Dolby Pro Logic II sound
    • Dolby Pro Logic sound
    • Dolby Digital 5.1 channel, standard for DVD movie discs
  • DVD video compatible playback of Region 2 DVD discs.
  • DVD audio compatible playback
  • DVDR compatible playback of DVD-R discs
  • DVDRW compatible playback of DVD-RW discs
  • CD compatible playback of audio CDs
  • CDR compatible playback of recorded CDs
  • CDRW compatible playback of rewritable CDs
  • MP3 CD compatible to play MP3 tracks
  • JPEG CD playback of JPEG image CDs.
  • Upwards of 75 subwoofer power output (RMS) (power of the subwoofer)
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Posted on 17 / 06 / 2003

Jamo Home Cinema Sound Kit

Great quality sound and easy to setup for a techno novice like myself. The Jamo home cinema sound kit I bought included 5 speakers and the speakers included are Active sub-woofer for bass impact Improved Bass , 70watts RMS power output - Front Speakers , 70watts RMS power output - Centre speaker , 70watts RMS power output - Rear speakers and a 70watts RMS Power output - subwoofer. The good point about the Jamo speakers is that they are magnetically shielded speakers and this prevents interference with other audio/visual equipment you have installed in your room.

The whole Jamo home cinema sound kit produces 420watts total RMS power output and this is the maximum power output of the Hifi. Obviously if you are looking to buy a home cinema sound kit you take on board that the larger watt output from the sound kit results in greater volume and improved sound quality.

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Jeff, Portsmouth

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