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The name Hitachi literally means sunrise, reflecting the founding philosophy of contributing to people and society through technology. This philosophy has helped Hitachi become one of the world's largest corporations with an annual net sales of more than $67.8 billion (¥8,416 billion) (in fiscal 2000), a range of over 20,000 products and more than 300,000 employees worldwide. Namihei Odaira used the two Chinese characters hi, meaning "sun" and tachi, meaning "rise" to form the mark by superimposing one character on the other and enclosing them in a circle.
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  1. Empire Direct - Empire Direct is a well known household name and the country’s leading electrical retailer. With a huge range of over 2000 products online from binoculars to mp3 players, from global positioning systems to recordable DVD players. Empire Direct also stock a wide range of electrical products and goods which are manufactured by Hitachi at low / cheap prices.
  2. Dixons - Dixons supply a wide range of Hitachi Electrical Goods at low / cheap prices. Dixons also supply a great range of home entertainment systems, eg, widescreen televisions, dvd players, dolby surround sound stereos. Dixons have a huge range of over 2000 products online
  3. Hitachi - Major manufacturer of consumer, industrial, and business products, computers and electronics, international shipping, leasing and financing, automotive parts, and chemical diagnostics.
  4. Hitachi Research Institute - Creates and proposes new business solutions for management and market development, economic forecasting and policy proposals.
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