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Hi-Fi / Hifi players have generally over the years become smaller and better in quality. You can for example now buy quality mini hifi stereos for about £50 from top makes such as Bush, Goodmans and Alba. Of course there is then your middle of the road Hi-Fi / Hifi players makes such as Sharp and Sanyo and your premium brands such as Sony and Panasonic. At the top end you can buy Hi-Fi / Hifi players from Denon and Technics. The types of hifi available to buy are,

  • Micro Hi-Fi
  • Mini Hi-Fi
  • DVD Hi-Fi
  • Hi-Fi Separates

On a high end machines some things to look out for are,

  • Digital Sound Processor (DSP) - alters the atmosphere of the sound, with effects such as Hall or Stadium.
  • CD compatible playback
  • Dolby Pro Logic surround sound for 4-channel sound
  • Dolby B noise reduction for cassette decks, this reduces the hissing noice
  • WMA compatible, CDs burnt on your PC which can fit far more tracks onto CDs
  • RDS tuner for the radio. Will pre-set favourite stations and display the name of the station you are listening to.
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  1. Thomson AM1285 - Nice and cheap hifi stereo and useful for young children.

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Hifi Information,

  1. CDR compatible
  2. CDRW compatible
  3. MP3 CD playback
  4. CD recorder
  5. DAB



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Summary of Hi-fi Players

Hi-Fi / Hifi Players have generally come down in price over the years and are much better in quality. They mainly come with a cd player, cassette decks and a radio. Some of the better Hi-Fi / Hifi players include 3 and 5 cd disk holders and generate more watts for better sound quality.

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