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If you are searching for Hercules pci and agp video cards such as the 3D Prophet then the UK shops below should stock them.

About Hercules
Founded in 1982 in the U.S., Hercules developed the industry's first high-resolution graphics board for personal computers. In November 1999, Hercules was purchased by Guillemot Corporation and the entire video and multimedia ranges are now under the Hercules brand. Currently present in 14 countries, Guillemot Corporation has the ambition to be one of the first five interactive leisure hardware and accessories manufacturers in the world by 2001.

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Posted on 20 / 09 / 2003

Hercules Radeon 9800

We just recently bought this card along with new pc amd athlon xp3000+ all i can say is its perfect. It's smooth on all the games unreal 2 looks amazing but splinter cell really pushes the boat out usually on an nvidia you can see jagged lines around sams figure but oh no not on this baby she has a pixel shader smooth as a babies bottom. Another thing is it looks awesome on racing games, 2 tone paint looks almost real water effects exact. I recently installed a game called ghost master this baby comes with a ghost shader which basically makes a 3d transparency so the ghost or hologram could look green and be transparrent will remain 3D and with the pixel shader round off the jagged pixels truly amazing. I'd say this card is the dogs b*****ks :) 5/5 good value, best quality, quiet and can even be overclocked GET IT !

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James, Manchester

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