Getting about on the Internet

Once you have bought a computer, installed the necessary software, found an ISP and connected to the Internet, how do you get about on the Internet. The most popular way to find information on the Internet is by surfing the World Wide Web and the web sites on it. The main way to get from one web site to another is by 'hyperlinks', 'hyperlinks' are also known as 'links' and 'hypertext'. The way to use a 'hyperlinks' is by clicking on it, 'hyperlinks' are usually pictures or text that point to a certain web site, an example of a 'hyperlinks' is below,

As you can see when you point over it your pointer becomes a hand and you can click on the 'hyperlink'. As well as allowing you to move from one web site to another, 'hyperlink' also allow you to download files, send emails through oulook express 'hyperlink' and much more. To find a web site for a certain subject / topic you need to either knows its address and input it into your web browser or search for web sites at online directory web sites such as UK Shop Index or at Search Engine web sites like Google, Lycos and Alta Vista.


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