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Ford UK currently employ 18,000 and have been the UK market leader for 25 consecutive years. Ford were originally formed in the United States of America and achieved worldwide fame with the release of the Ford model T. Ford are still one of the world's largest car manufacturers and have different models of cars for different areas of the world.


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Posted on 22 / 07 / 2003

Ford Focus RS

This is an exceptional car which is as close to a rally car as the Subaru Impreza Turbo and Evo from Mitsubishi. The only thing some people would claim it lacks is 4 wheel drive, it instead uses a rally car style front differential to send power to the front wheels. This means the Focus can carry great grip around corners and even in the wet. The performance is fantastic with awesome pull in all 5 gears and 212 bhp. I decided to order one after seeing it on Top gear (the review wasn't great on top gear, but what do you expect from Clarkson), the real test showed when it beat the Volkswagen Golf R32 around the track. I think the car looks awesome and the interior seems about what you would expect from a £20,000 car. Admittedly I am a big RS fan but I think it you want a good test of your driving ability and performance to boot, you can only pick the Focus RS.

User Rating -
Mike Davis, Northampton

User rating -
Model - Ford Fiesta 1.4i

Excellent roadholding and handling, very safe and stylish car. I am totally 100% satisfied with the Fiesta.

By User - cobus

User rating -
Model - Ford Focus (TDCI)

I bought my Focus TDCI (115BHP) new almost 2 years ago. I almost went for the direct injection diesel engine (TDDI) purely because it was the best part of a grand cheaper. Am I glad I didn\'t - the TDCI is much superior in every way.

The car had a couple of niggly teething problems at the start - faulty wiper blade that scratched the screen, requiring a new screen, and a front fog light that needed replaced due to a bad seal. The dealer was good though and had the repairs done quickly and hassle free. Aside from these problems the car has been fault free.

The cars strongest point is the common rail diesel engine - absolutely top notch. The speed is directly comparable with the 1.8 petrol and probably better where it counts i.e. above 50mph for passing other cars etc. Fortunately the fuel consumption is entirely uncomparable, with the car returning about 50mpg on average without being driven gently.

Would I buy another - well obviously not now with a new Focus due soon, and I would seriously have to consider the opposition, most importantly the new Astra.

The Focus may be starting to look a little tired when up against newer models however the TDCI engine remains absolutely top dog.

By User - Gary Funston, Belfast

User rating -

I have been driving Ford Fusion for about 8 months by now, and I think I have a couple words to share with whom has interest in. Fusion is a reduced sized SUV type car by which I was attracted most. I consider its outer design as both powerfull and gentle and the feeling inside the car is also strong. Cockpit design is closer to SUV vehicles yet I must confess that the quality of the material used in cockpit is not very high. On the otherhand lightning systems of the speedometer is quite attractive.

Suspension system of the car is honestly not comfortable. If you are looking for suspension comfort Fusion may not answer your needs. But its suspension system gives the car a better road grip and handling. It lets you take the corners safely. It is also usefull for the bad road conditions. Driving position of Fusion is comfortable and lets you master the road. View is very clear. The acceleration is quite satisfying when using Fusion 1.6. But engine is a bit noisy in high ravs and it is quite
disturbing when combined with the noise of the road, wheels and suspension system during bad road conditions.

CD player has an annoying habit of skipping even on bumps and small sized holes on the road. Manually operated rear windows and the uncomfortable location of the ontrol button for the side mirrors are out of fashion. Breaks are safe and confident with ABS system. Air conditioning is
working fine but it produces a lot of noise. As a conclusion Fusion is a good looking attractive car. Everything is satisfying except low suspension comfort and a few missed details in the car. One real handicap of the car is; even if you stop the car and leave it on gear, if you do not use the hand brake, car slides on the hills. I doubt if it is a techinal fault or not. Because other cars does not move on hills if you leave them on gear and you do not necessarily have to use the hand brake.

By User - Alp Mahir Akyuz

User rating -
Model - Ford Fusion 3 1.4 durashift

Generally well thought out. No lip to boot and slide-in seat heights very good. Driving position fairly good. Gearbox easy to use but will only tow 500 Kgs. Error in info plus not enquiring deeply enough myself at purchase, means I've had to sell my caravan. Economical and will reach decent speed on motorway but engine lacks 'go' and has no braking effect at all on descents in manual mode. I find seats very uncomfortable though wife likes them. Very reliable. Amazing capacity with back seat down for visits to B&Q etc. Shoddy space-saver spare. Good service from our local Ford dealer. Adequate though somewhat overpriced. I feel now, that we should perhaps have looked further and bought something better. I wouldn't buy another though I must admit that apart from the caravan problem it has done evrything we've asked of it quite satisfactorily.

By User - Denis Clarke

User rating -
Model - Ford Fusion 1.4 TCDi

I was supplied with an almost new Fusion as a hire car and I have to say that it was one of the worst cars I have ever had the misfortune to have driven. The build quality was appalling. The engine was dreadfully noisy at all speeds, and I have driven diesels since they were a novelty 20 years ago. It handled badly. Little thought has been given to comfort or convenience of driver or passengers. For instance the exterior mirror adjustment is useless if you are tall. The seats are some of the poorest since the Hillman Hunter! All things considered, this car is nearly as bad as a Rover, which is probably as low as I can go. Avoid this turkey at all costs.

By User - Ian

User rating -
Model - Ford Mondeo LX Di

A very good decision the day I bought my Mondeo. A good car, I needed plenty of room for the kids, this car fulfilled my needs. Enough power anybody would need around town and plenty of 'poke' when needed out of town. My 2.0L Di engine is a bit noisier than I thought it would be when I first bought it however this doesn't even feature when the speed gets up (having previously owned a petrol engine Laguna).

The overall performance is very satisfactory and quite easy on the pocket regarding fuel consumption, cheaper tax and insurance, and it is pleasing to the eye.

Overall, I am more than satisfied with my car in all respects.

By User - Michael Watkins

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