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Football shirts are still a contentious issue with many parents. They feel they are being blackmailed by football clubs releasing new shirts every year. The price is also unusually high for such a small quantity of material. A general price is £30 upwards. However the England & Premiership shirts and kits have improved vastly over the years in terms of quality, but are still quite expensive. Manchester United were fined over 1 million pounds for fixing the price of their premiership shirts. Currently the best shirts are generally made for the top Premiership teams such as Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. This is because they are made by Nike and Reebok.

About England & Premiership Shirts

The Official England shirts are currently made by Umbro and have been for over 15 years. Before this it was made by Admiral and both companies are based in England. Premiership football shirts are made by a wide range of companies such as Nike, Puma and Kappa.


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Posted on 28 / 05 / 2003

England Home Shirt 2003-2005

Top stuff, this shirt seems very well made and better than the last England home shirt. This time they still keep the red stripes but moving them to the shoulders. Keeping an element of the St George cross keeps this shirt looking 100% English and not as drab as previous shirts in the 1990's where they were just White. Hopefully with this shirt the England team can bring back a trophy from the 2004 European Championship in Portugal. I also hope that this England shirt doesn't get changed before 2005 and fans can get 2 years wearing out of it.

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Gavin Doherty, Helsinki

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