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Floppy disk drives and disks are also very cheap to buy. A floppy disk can store 1.44 megabytes and are usually 3.5 size now. Because software applications and games are becoming very large (100mb upwards) floppy disks are now being used less and have been overtaken by zip disks, CD's, DVD's and super disks to name a few. However floppy disks are always useful for storing small word processing and graphics files and will probably always be a standard device on a new personal computer.Visit the two online UK computer shops below for a range of Maxell high density floppy disks and floppy disks from a host of other top manufacturer's. Maxell sell some of the best 3.5 ins preformatted dos high density diskettes / disks which are compatable for use on all IBM and compatable PC's. You usually floppy diskettes / disks in packs of 10 and upwards and you should expect to beable to buy a 10 pack of Maxell floppy diskettes / disks for £3.99 or cheaper at Jungle and PC World. PC World also sell their own brand of floppy diskettes / disks which are considerable cheaper than Maxell's but probably of not the same quality. Both Jungle and PC World should also sell storage racks, floppy disk labeler kits and floppy disk cases for your floppy disks.


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  2. Ryman
    Office World is one of the leading retailers of supplies for the home office or business. Office World sell a range of Floppy Disks for personal computers at cheap online prices from a host of manufacturer's.
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    floppy disk ... Unlike most hard disks, floppy disks
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    Floppy disk drives have been around since the birth of personal computing

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