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They have a guarantee to provide customers with the lowest monthly phone bill.


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After moving into my new home, I went looking for phone companies who could offer me the best prices on international and non-geographical phone numbers. Well First:telecom seemed a good choice because their price promise guaranteed lower calls than BT, Homecall, TalkTalk or Tele2 or they would refund you the difference of the calls. Along with no monthly fees I was satisfied with the deal and signed up using their website link. Following the online registration process it was all straight forward and easy, but I was a little uneasy setting up the requested direct-debit. As there was not another option I completed the registration and waited for the stated 'welcome pack'. I decided to stick with BT line, so after reading the 'welcome pack' I found that I needed to dial a short prefix (1640) before the phone number you're calling. This was not stated on the website and I was a little disappointed with this. But I was willing to put up with the prefix as the call charges are well below the rates that BT charges. By my numbers they sometimes around about 70% off. I would really look into First:Telecom as I am sure you will be surprised just how much you will save.

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First:Telecom are the first telecom's company I have used since BT to help provide low cost long distance calls. Although their were some cheaper options on the market, I picked First:Telecom because they seemed the most reliable. And I have not been let down after one year of regularly use. There has never been a day the service has failed.

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