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  • Michael J Fox, James Hampton, Scott Paulin, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine, Jay Tarses
  • 88 minutes
  • Directed by Rod Daniel, Teen Wolf is a feel good family film starring Michael J Fox in his prime. The story follows a average guy (played by Michael J Fox) who wishes to be special and to be scoring on the basketball court and with girls. He then suddenly finds new powers and becomes the coolest basketball player around. A hit in it's day, Teen Wolf is still a good watch for a sunday afternoon.

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Teenwolf,on the surface a film about a teenage student that turns in to a wolf but behind the fur and fangs is a tail of a scot howard son of wolf howard trying to be accepted by both his wolf dad and his friends. With a mixture of cgi special effects and excellent makeup this is an enchanting film for for kids and parents alike. We rate this film 5. watch out for teenwolf 3 (i got the wolfie wolfie skakes) staring michael j fox

By User - lee shields and claire shorrock, manchester


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