Classic Children's Films

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  1. Alice In Wonderland - Adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic is also appropriately surreal. Alice (voiced by Kathryn Beaumont) has all the anticipated experiences.
  2. Fantasia - Groundbreaking on several counts, not the least of which was an innovative use of animation and stereophonic sound.
  3. Lady And The Tramp - Disney's first animated feature in CinemaScope is now available in widescreen presentations on video.
  4. 101 Dalmatians - Walt Disney got a little hip with 101 Dalmatians, making use of that flat Saturday morning cartoon style that had become so popular.
  5. Peter Pan - The 1953 version of James M Barrie's story is colourfully told and keeps on the straight and narrow of the book.
  6. Pinocchio - It's unlikely that we'll see such forceful narrative in a kids' cartoon ever again
  7. Sleeping Beauty - Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty was the studio's most ambitious effort to date.
  8. Treasure Island - Travel with Jim Hawkins and Blind Pew to one of the most famous fictional islands in history, Treasure Island.

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