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Walking with Cavemen
  • Walking with Cavemen on disc has production interviews with series producer Peter Georgi, executive producer and director Richard Dale, director of animated extras Ben Palmer and actor David Rubin. There are also location interviews, the best of which is two of the actors in full costume explaining the difficulties involved in eating lunch. There are sequences explaining the creation of the digital effects, and the original score can be accessed as an audio-only option. A fact file for each episode and a picture gallery complete the extras package. --Kristen Bowditch
  • The definitive story of human evolution told in a revolutionary way using dramas and computer generated imagery.
  • DVD Description
    First Ancestors
    Blood Brothers
    Savage Family
    The Survivors

  • Special Features
    On Location
    Production Interviews
    Storyboard to Animatics to Film
    Original Score
    Fact Files
    Photo Gallery
    Credit Sequence
    Subtitles: English

  • 4 x 30 minute series made by the award-winning team who brought you The Human Body, Walking with Cavemen is the definitive story of human evolution -- told in a revolutionary way. Compelling dramas reveal the individual experiences of the different creatures from our pre-history. Computer-generated imagery reconstructs the animals that our ancestors hunted and were hunted by. State-of-the-art special effects techniques bring to life scientifically accurate reconstructions of our human ancestors. The series also pioneers 'Deep-Timelapse' a visual technique which allows the viewer to witness incredible scenes of climate change, geological uplift and environmental turmoil spanning over millions of years -- all in a few moments .

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