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The Wizard Of Oz
  • The story of a young girl and her dog who enter the world of Oz meeting the Tin Man, a Scarecrow and a lion on the way. They hope the Wizard Of Oz will help them return home before the Wicked Witch Of The West catches them.
  • The disc is also chock full of extras, including outtakes, audio sequences, composer Harold Arlen's backstage movies, extracts from earlier silent Oz films, clips from the Academy Awards and interviews with the stars among many other fascinating nuggets. The new 50-minute documentary hosted by Angela Lansbury, and irritatingly narrated in the present tense, is oddly the weakest part, with too little hard information and too much padding about how everyone loves the movie. The only gripe is Warners' trademark cardboard slipcase, which is awkward and easily damaged. But this is still an essential disc for the young at heart everywhere. --Mark Walker

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