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The Sopranos Series 4
  • Unlike the previous three, this fourth series of The Sopranos eschews an overriding story arc in favour of developing several interrelated plot strands, most of which are then left dangling tantalisingly to be resolved in the next, and possibly final, season. This year Tony's many extra-marital affairs finally come home to roost, even as he faces challenges to his leadership from within and without. Paulie Walnuts simmers with resentment over his perceived neglect, a resentment only exacerbated by Christopher's promotion; while Christopher fights a drug habit that undermines Tony's trust in him. Paulie makes overtures to Johnny Sack and the New York family; Sack himself bears a deadly grudge against Ralph Cifaretto, and also embroils Tony in a dispute between the two families, culminating in a scheme to eliminate the New York boss, Carmine. Ralph and Tony clash over a shared interest in both a race horse and a goomar--you just know it's going to end in something much worse than tears.

    The women have as many problems, though: Adriana has reluctantly turned FBI informer and to cap that has to confess to Christopher that she can't have children; Carmela falls maddeningly, frustratingly in love with one of Tony's closest companions; Janice inveigles herself into Bobby's affections in a display of breathtaking emotional manipulation; Meadow can no longer conceal the disgust she feels about her father's business; Dr Melfi, meanwhile, is increasingly sidelined as Tony's behavioural issues have become, to all practical purposes, untreatable. The year ends on a downbeat note with personal tragedy overshadowing the mob politics. Series Five is primed to be an explosive finale. --Mark Walker --This text refers to the Theatrical Release edition.

  • Contains the following episodes:

    No Show



    The Weight

    Everybody Hurts

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    Watching Too Much Television

    Whoever Did This

    The Strong, Silent Type

    Calling All Cars



  • Special Features

    4 audio commentaries:
    Writer/creator David Chase
    Writers Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess
    Writer Terence Winter
    Writer/actor Michael Imperioli

  • Total Running Time: 700 mins approx.

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