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The Searchers
Often acclaimed as John Ford's best film, "The Searchers" is the saga of an ex-Confederate soldier named Ethan Edwards who embarks on a long, obsessive search for his niece Debbie, who was kidnapped by Comanche Indians. Accompanied by Martin Pawley, a young man he had saved from Indians several years earlier, Ethan searches throughout the West in vain.


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The Searhers is the movie John Wayne should have won an Oscar for. His portrayel of Ethan is without doubt his finest performance in the saddle only perhaps matched by his last outing as " The Shootist". This is a story of revenge, hatred but above all,the old cliché "Love". Monument Valley is the setting and John Ford goes on a sweeping panoramic view searching venture that encapsulates all the finest moments from the great era of 50's westerns. With a great cast and and several of the old regulars, including ward Bond & Patrick Wayne(John' son) Wayne delivers what Steven Speilberg rates as the greatest Western Movie, I agree.

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