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  • The Office, Series 2 is a single-disc release unlike the more generous Series 1. Extra features are enjoyable nonetheless. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant feature in a gleefully shambolic video diary--highlights of which include Gervais flicking elastic bands at his cowriter and taping their editor to his swivel chair. The ubiquitous Gervais also mockingly introduces some outtakes (mostly of him corpsing throughout dozens of takes) and a series of deleted scenes, notably of Gareth arriving in his horrendous cycle shorts. --Mark Walker

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Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant continue their embarassingly amusing 'The Office' as the second series is released. Another 6 new episodes live up to the cringe-making comedy programming that was series 1. This set, comprising of just a single dics (still containing outtakes, deleted scenes and an amusuing video diary of 'the making' is bound to have you lookimg away as the boss from hell, Mr David Brent continues to brag pompously and self-confindently as he manages 'WERNHAM HOGG' paper merchants. This time, a younger, more fashionable 'Neil Gowdin' is in his presence, David's worst nightmare. Now, having to face up to the fact he is no longer top-dog if you will, making the monotony in the office unbearable as Brent continues to embarass himself unawares. The lovable characters of Gareth, Tim and Dawn remain from the original
cut along with 'The Swindom lot' making the series another 3 hours of embarrisng, yet cultivating comedy.

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