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The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
  • This Alan Seymour dramatisation of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was originally broadcast as a BBC series in 1988. Whether you take CS Lewis' unsubtle Christian symbolism on board or not, the fact remains that the cycle of Narnia novels, of which this was the first, are among the best children's fantasy stories of all time. For anyone who spent their formative years on Mars, the story concerns four children who find their way into a magical land benevolently ruled by the mystical lion, Aslan (voiced by Ronald Pickup, no less). Aslan has been deposed by the evil White Witch (played wonderfully by a screechingly camp Barbara Kellerman) who has cast all of Narnia into perpetual winter and whose eventual defeat entails a fearful sacrifice. While the special effects are firmly of the Doctor Who school, Lewis' writing is expertly transferred to the small screen and there are robust but credible performances from the four highly plausible young thesps cast in the leading roles. It's perfect for cosy family (early) evening viewing, and something that young viewers will return to again and again. --Roger Thomas
  • Synopsis
    A production of C.S. Lewis' powerful fantasy for all ages using live action, animation and special effects to recreate this most exciting and enchanting adventure in the magical world of Narnia - a land of dwarves, nymphs and giants and also the land's arch-enemy the White Witch.
  • DVD Description
    All six episodes of the BBC television series.
  • Special Features
    Photo Gallery
    English Subtitles

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