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  • World War II adventure which centres around the RAF and their efforts to destroy the Ruhr dams in 1943.
  • Something of a cult item among British war movies (and brilliantly spoofed a few years back by a lager ad), The Dam Busters turns a minor World War II incident into a saga of heroic stiff-upper-lippery in the classic British style. A bombing raid is proposed on a strategically vital Ruhr dam, but its position is inaccessible. Enter eccentric inventor Dr Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave in best daffy professor mode) who comes up with a genius idea--a bomb that will bounce on water like a skimmed pebble. --Philip Kemp

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This movie has long been revered among those who understand the desperate situation of total war with Germany. It is a classic portrayal of the heroic events of May 1943 that lead to the destruction of two dams that provided the industrial Ruhr with it's vital water supply. Produced in 1954 in black and white it shows it's age in terms of some of it's production techniques. Historically it edits the facts somewhat, but it does not descend into hyperbole. It is a gripping yarn and represents this war time mission with a realistic atmosphere. The flying sequences are splendid, the acting solid, characterisations typical and never leaves the viewer wanting. To belittle the Dambusters raid and
this movie as "stiff upper lippery" or as a minor event is fatuous.

By User - AJ George from Sydney, Australia

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